Buyer Process

Let us know how we can help.

Business is advertised to Brokers & prospective Buyers
You might be contacted directly by our staff if you are hand-picked from our database of potential buyers. If you weren’t, you can browse available listings or ask our Broker about deals not yet made public.


Prospective Buyer contacts BusinessSearch Broker
When you contact us as a Buyer, we will guard your privacy and financial information and won’t release your information to mailing list agencies EVER.


Prospective Buyer signs Nondisclosure / Confidentiality Agreement
This will include your commitment to safeguard the trade secrets made available by Seller to qualified, serious buyer candidates.
Here is our Buyer Nondisclosure Form.
Click here to open and complete the Buyer Nondisclosure Form.


Business is disclosed to qualified Buyer
As the authorized Broker, we are empowered by the Seller to provide you data about the business to potential Buyers. If you want to proceed, we will arrange an on-site tour of the Business.


Prospective Buyer meets with Broker and Seller, tours business site


Buyer makes Offer
Once you have analyzed the business, you decide whether to proceed with an offer.


Written Offer Accepted or Counteroffer Made
There may be some contingencies in the offer.


Buyer & Seller Conduct Due Diligence and Sign Disclosure Forms
Buyer and Seller both make sure every key detail is addressed.


Conditions Met, Escrow Opened
Once any conditions are met, the sale can be consummated.


Obtain funding if financing involved
The funding to acquire the business is put in place.


Escrow Closes
When “every t is crossed and every i is dotted,” escrow closes, you get the ownership title and the business is yours!


Seller trains you and your staff
The seller will have a vested interest in your success, so he/she will provide a certain amount of training to make sure your management team knows the tricks of the trade and the REAL recipe for the ‘secret sauce.’


Build your new business…


Earn profits
We want you to profit and INCREASE profits. As industry experts we keep abreast of a lot of information that could be of great value to you. Consult with us from time to time.


Acquire other firms and grow (we can help)
Once you have gotten the ‘knack’ of running your new business, you may want us to help locate other businesses you can acquire.


Enjoy the benefits of business ownership!
Be sure your tax and finance staff and outside professionals know how to safely maximize your deductions and get legitimate tax deductions from staff training, customer appreciation and other opportunities.