Our Founder:

Bob Christman is an established Businessman who has owned & sold several businesses of his own. Bob has an extensive consulting background and has several degrees, including MBA (Master of Business Administration), J.D. (Law Degree) and CHFC ( Chartered Financial Consultant). In addition to his significant business experience and background, Bob has expertise in the field of estate planning and financial planning. Bob enjoys working with small business owners as well as buyers and sellers that are moving to the next stage of their lives. Let us know how we can help.

Our Agent:

Bill Greenway. Bill Greenway began his career as an aerospace engineer working on propulsion systems for the Apollo program. Bill has his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from UCLA and subsequently obtained his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from USC. Bill later changed careers to the construction industry after he obtained his contractor’s license in both general and specialty fields and founded, developed and sold various construction and manufacturing related businesses.

This background, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for construction-related trade organizations and obtaining his certifications for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, has positioned Bill to handle the many varied aspects of business sales and the art of negotiations. More recently Bill has specialized in manufactured housing and land development while obtaining his real estate license. The totality of these experiences enables Bill to work with many different types and sizes of businesses. Let us know how we can help.